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    Rules, read these.


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    Rules, read these. Empty Rules, read these.

    Post  Donovan on Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:05 am

    Yeah, I know, it's a school website.

    1: No EXCESSIVE cursing. I don't give a fuck about the occasional curse word, but not like 10 in every sentence.
    2: No Racism/Sexism/Adultery/Porn
    3: No threats/Warnings/Egotistical shit
    4: No asking for me, or anyone else, to do your homework or for their completed homework.
    5: No talking about that green stuff
    6: If you have a complaint, tell me, kay?
    7: If you're some 40 year old creepster trying to hit on high school kids, GET THE FUCK OFF.
    8: Respect me, my fellow staff members, Mr. Stephens, and your fellow members.

    I reserve the right to ban you without warning or notice and kick your ass off my website, kay?

    Have a nice day.

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